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LeaDo and group work – sixth grade learners study about renewable energy

The sixth grade learners in Koivupuhto comprehensive school had a group work project about renewable energy with their teacher Heidi. Let’s see how the LeaDo Learning Centre was used during the process.

The environment education project was part of the weekly goal, where the learners studied environmental sciences, mathematics and Finnish language through different kind of varied activities. The long term goal for the class was energy. This project focused in renewable sources of energy.

Heidi kicked off the project by preparing step by step instructions of the project and putting them in the numbered pockets of the learning centre. When students went with their group to the first pocket, they found a list of topics for their group work, from which they could choose their favourite. When a topic was chosen, it was overlined from the list to show other groups it was no longer available.

In the next phase, learners had to find a picture of a powerplant matching with their chosen source of renewable energy. The printed the picture and put it on their poster, with an explanation of what the powerplant is and how it works. In addition to the picture, the learners created a qr-code that leads to an online video about the topic.

Last phase of the group work was to make a pros and cons list of their source of renewable energy. Instructions to that were also found from the LeaDo pocket compartment, put there by the teacher.

With the help of LeaDo, Heidi was able to create a clear structure for the group work. Step by step instructions were in the pockets of the learning center which enabled the groups to proceed with the group work according to their own progress. When the teacher doesn’t have to repeat all the instructions to all the groups separately  – or wait for them to finish each phase so the instructions can be given to everyone et the same time – time is saved for observation and giving support to those learners who most need it.