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LeaDo can activate the entire school

Having a LeaDo Learning Centre in one classroom usually inspires and makes other pupils and teachers curious about it. Such a tool should not be kept a secret behind closed doors, it’s meant for sharing with the school community. A practical way for sharing is to make an online reservation form that enables different groups to enjoy LeaDo according to their timetables. By the way: teachers and other staff can use and enjoy the equipment as well, to stretch and exercise during the work day during their break time.

Sixth graders Saimi and Sofia and fourth grader Beata popped in to use LeaDo after their school day. They do not yet have the learning centre in their classroom but they already had many ideas how teachers could use it with children of their age. For example, math exercises, riddles or gym activities could be placed in the pocket compartment.

What kind of concrete ideas did the 6th and 4th graders have? They explained that having the chance to move and be active in the classroom could motivate them to study harder: “Teacher could say like, when you have finished five tasks, you can go to LeaDo”. The air yoga hammock in the learning centre could enable individual moments for calming down and resting during the lessons: “Teacher could allow someone to be in the nest, if they feel tired”.

Great ideas from the learner perspective! All ideas how to use LeaDo, whether coming from learner or teacher, should be shared. A list of good practises can be hanged on the classroom or corridor wall or in the teacher’s lounge – or put online with some app that is already used in the school community. When good practises are shared, LeaDo can activate the entire school!