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Learners talk about LeaDo

Now it’s time to listen to the learners! Sixth grade learners, 12-year-olds Iida, Silja, Aada and Iisko from Koivupuhto comprehensive school explain how they are using the LeaDo Learning Centre. At the time of the interview, LeaDo has been in the classroom for little less than six months. Learners give an example of using LeaDo with group work: they have found instructions and tasks from the pocket compartment. “We have done assignments with a pair”, explains Iida. Aada follows: “then we get to mark the LeaDo passport, when we have finished a task”.

What’s the role of LeaDo in a real lesson? Aada gives an example: “Always when you come across a LeaDo card, you can take a break to practise with the LeaDo gym cards”. That sounds smart – small breaks at the right time can enhance and support learning. Teacher can hide a LeaDo card for the student at a certaing page of the excercise book or in one of the pockets in the learning centre, to indicate the time to take a break. The gym cards Aada mentioned, are one example of the support materials coming with LeaDo. The cards are designed to guide and motivate the learners to excercise. The cards have both written information and pictures to explain the movement. Video material is also available!

In addition to the gym cards, breaktime exercises and “doing tricks” is what the sixth graders are into. “The gymnastic rings are the best”, states Aada, Iida prefers the kip bar. Iisko is waiting with excitement for the LeaDo punch bag to arrive in their classroom . “With LeaDo, I can better sustain my concentration”, Silja explains. Aada agrees, and adds; “you won’t fall asleep during the lesson if you use LeaDo!”

At the time of the interview, the learners are engaged in practising their artistic and fine motor skills in a model city project. Every now and then one of the students asks: “Teacher, can I take a LeaDo break?”. After the break, they are back to work with new energy and creative ideas. And that exactly is one of LeaDo’s core objectives!