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LeaDo Riemu

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These pockets were created to clarify and variegate the pedagogical processes. The colour coding will help the teacher to carry out the curriculum. The colour code is based on national goals for basic education in Finnish curriculum. Microchip is integrated in the pocket system. Using an application for the microchip the teacher can have digital material of choice in one pocket or in all of them. This will ease the teacher’s work since the students find the chosen material immediately. Students only need to use their mobile device near the microchip.

In addition to the pockets the package includes active control system that operates with magnets. It will help you to organize multidisciplinary modules and in addition it will help you to clarify individual and collaborative learning processes.

The package includes LeaDo application for a year. With the application you can make learning cards inside the pockets. After this time period you can either continue using the application by buying the license or you can simply let it expire. The package will also include training on how to use the learning material in a versatile way and it will offer support for the teacher.


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