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LeaDo in the media

Helsingin Sanomat (the number one newspaper in Finland) has written several times on LeaDo. Check out articles and views of professionals on the benefits of LeaDo.

LeaDo’s innovativeness and benefits for teachers and students have gained a strong public debate. Helsingin Sanomat has published several articles on LeaDo, first on October 22, 2017 under the
The class was wild, difficult, and even battling during classes – then the teacher got tired of distracting students and invented Leado

Oct 24, 2017 Helsingin Sanomat continued interviewing Professor Minna Huotilainen and CEO of the Board of Education Olli-Pekka Heinonen under the title:
Brain Researcher Cheers Chin Pulling During Lesson. Movement provides the brain with the cell production needed for learning

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, CEO of the Board of Education, also praises the LeaDo Learning Center as a good innovation

In the article, CEO Heinonen praises LeaDo’s export potential, and Professor Huotilainen says of Leado, “It’s a really inspiring thing. This is exactly the practical development that needs to be done”.

On October 22, the LeaDo news ranked among the most popular articles in Helsingin Sanomat
Presumably the enthusiastic online discussion on the topic contributed to Helsingin Sanomat still writing about LeaDo in its editorial on 29.10.2017:
The joy of movement came to schools and improved learning outcomes