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Arts and crafts through learning by playing – gingerbread project with Paula

Come and join us to follow an imaginary baking project step by step with Leado! The objectives for this learning session were to get familiar with the ingredients of gingerbread dough, follow the instructions in the recipe and understand the different steps of baking process. Children were also practising their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by drawing and cutting with scissors. Gross motor skills and balance were practised too, when getting items from LeaDo pockets. All this is done in a fun way in Paula’s classroom through guided play with the LeaDo Learning Centre.

First, the recipe is under inspection – what are the different spices we have to put in, how do they smell? Paula has prepared all the materials beforehand – the recipe and teacher instructions can be reused and shared with other teachers who want to take the same activity!

Materials for each phase of the baking project are waiting nicely in the pockets. Hmmm… we need a baking tray to bake gingerbread. Who wants to see what we have in pocket number one?  

The “baking tray” is found – next we need some  baking sheet on it.

This time children can practice balancing when going to the pocket compartment. Baking sheet is found from pocket number two.

Crafting is done in a small group and all children get to balance and fetch crafting materials from the pockets. Here comes the gingerbread dough!

Children get to choose the shape they want to “bake” their gingerbread with.

It’s a precise job to simultaneously hold the pen and draw with a mold!

Children set the gingerbreads on the tray and put the in the oven to bake.

Next we have to go back to the recipe to check the right baking time and temperature. It’s almost time to take them out.

Children got to take the tray out from the oven just before the recess. During the next lesson, they got to decorate their cookies. When the art was ready, it was hanged on the classroom walls to bring festive feeling. Children were so much immersed in the “baking play” that when the tray was taken out from the oven,  one of the children shouted: “Don’t touch, it’s still too hot!”. The imaginary baking project was a success and children continued to play and explore with the theme in the afternoon. A big thanks to teacher Paula and the hardworking little bakers!