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LeaDo Leading Results by Doing

An innovative learning method, a sensible approach to teaching

Leado Learning Center is a pedagogic innovation that helps remove classroom disturbances while improving both the quality of teaching and learning. LeaDo’s resource planning system directs your learning path in support of the student’s self-reliance while easing any teacher’s workload.

LeaDo is an investment for the future: LeaDo Learning Center not only furthers learning processes, it also creates notable savings for the school: Cost of teaching materials decreases significantly, the need for special education teachers decreases, costs of in-service training are reduced without need for travel expenses and substitute arrangements. Need for classroom assistants is lowered.

LeaDo will revolutionize your classroom!

LeaDo Sovellus

Helppoutta ja iloa OPSin hallintaan ja pedagogiseen johtamiseen Sovellus sisältää: Oppimisprosessien suunnittelu ja organisointi oppimiskorttieditorierityinen ja monikanavainen tuki oppilaalle OPS-työkalu soveltuu kaikkiin oppi- aineisiin laaja-alaiset tavoitteet selkeästi näkyvissä teksti-, kuva-,...

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LeaDo and assistive devices

LeaDo also enables a wide range of exercises and learning tasks to be used by people with different assistive devices. For example, LeaDo makes it easy to enable wheelchair-assisted or...

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LeaDo can activate the entire school

Having a LeaDo Learning Centre in one classroom usually inspires and makes other pupils and teachers curious about it. Such a tool should not be kept a secret behind closed...

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LeaDo and group work – sixth grade learners study about renewable energy

The sixth grade learners in Koivupuhto comprehensive school had a group work project about renewable energy with their teacher Heidi. Let’s see how the LeaDo Learning Centre was used during...

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