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Lea Tornberg Class teacher, M. Ed, pre- and primary teacher, teacher trainer, innovator, visionary, entrepreneur

Strengths include macro scale conceptualization, courage, willingness to experiment, vision, skill in recognizing others’ strengths, delegation and organization skills.

Sanna Vänttilä Class teacher, special education teacher, M. Ed

Strengths: Functional (special education) primary education, supportive activities based on student strengths, structured teaching, demanding special support and challenging situations at school (MAPA, Security Officer).

Heidi Klasila Class teacher

Strengths: ability to inspire and be inspired, creativity, courage to face challenges, desire to develop, sensitivity, idea-rich and organizational skills.

Piia Kylänpää Class teacher

Strengths include activity-based teaching, a vision for students’ holistic well-being, positivity, international experience and language skills.

Henna Mäkelä Class teacher, M. Ed

Strengths: Functional preschool teaching, enthusiasm and joy to develop oneself and one’s teaching/learning skills, systematic, enthusiastic, cheerful.

Anne Savelius Special education teacher, physiotherapist, expert

Strengths include broad-based theoretical knowledge and reference framework, as well as a wealth of work experience, innovation and development positivity.

Juha Lindroos AD / Marketing

Strengths include 20 years experience in international markets. Excited to learn. The desire to improve the world for all of us. A positive attitude. Ability to read and implement Lea’s thoughts!

Heini Syyrilä Language Teacher, M. Phil

Strengths include a broad range of competencies in harnessing digitalisation and functionality in teaching, learning, learner-centered teaching and supporting diverse learners. Enthusiasm for developing learning and teaching.

Rauno Haapaniemi Class teacher, non-fiction writer (education and upbringing) and ICT agent / educator

Strengths include guiding the practical processes in school through community pedagogy, being receptive to change and willing to learn with others, willingness and ability to help other teachers overcome barriers and prejudices, long experience as a teacher and peer educator, lecturer and with plentiful experience as a municipal decision maker.

Anu Saarni Class teacher, early education teacher, M. Ed

Strengths include hunger for learning, listening and paying attention to the students, lively personality and a strong sense of the teacher’s work as a dream job. Specialization subjects include pre-primary and primary education, physical activity and health education.

Iida Tornberg Illustrator, Graphic designer

Strengths include creativity, playfulness and the ability to get quickly excited. An illustration specialist with a distinctive style visible in strong, colorful storytelling.

Kimmo Huttu Class teacher, M. Ed, Class Specialist, Doctoral student

Strengths include versatile utilization of digital learning environments, the use of project-based approaches to self-directed and self-directing learning in the classroom, and the development of interactive methods and processes for assessing learning.

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