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LeaDo – Learning Ecosystem

LeaDo was developed to be a holistic solution for learning and teaching challenges. LeaDo integrates optimism about growth and development with solution based pedagogy. LeaDo’s equipment is perfect for creating invigorating learning environments. LeaDo allows every teacher to easily establish environments that inspire creativity and physical activity.

With LeaDo the teacher can organize versatile learning processes in a way that a more relaxed and rewarding atmosphere is achieved. All learning processes are clarified, and this eases the teachers’ workload. LeaDo helps the teacher carry out the new curriculum in a variety of ways.


LeaDo promotes overall well-being, joy of both play and exercise, as well as individual support towards learning motor, social and cognitive skills!

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Inspirational equipment package that establishes well-being for both student and teacher, while removing classroom disturbances. LeaDo will increase the students’ involvement and diversify all learning processes.

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