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Educational Leado-visit to Kalajoki, Finland

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Neuroscientist recommends LeaDo

Neuroscientific research from Finland has recently shown the importance of physical activity and art-based, especially music-based teaching methods in the advancement of learning. We have studied children and adolescents with musical hobbies and found beneficial transfer effects that advance their cognitive development. Recent data from human and animal studies highlight the role of physical activity in learning situations, and in the memory formation especially in hippocampal areas of the brain.

How to practically use this information in schools? LeaDo is a great example of a practical approach to apply such neuroscientific findings in the learning situations in class rooms. It allows well structured physical activity to be combined with self-directed learning in combination with the key elements of Finnish schools: supporting agency of learners and teachers, and challenging all learners at their own level. As a neuroscientist, it is easy for me to recommend LeaDo as a contemporary solution for teaching.- Minna Huotilainen